Vishwa Samudra is a Hyderabad based multi-dimensional corporate entity with an extremely di versified portfolio that includes public infrastructure in roads, bridges, marine works, shipping and  logistics. It’s flag ship company Vishwa Samudra Engineering is a civil construction company delivering  turn-key projects across diverse sector. Vishwa Samudra Group believes in integrating the values of  excellence, quality and environmental stewardship to build projects that add value to lives every day. 

Mr Sasidhar Chinta is the Chairman of Vishwasamudra Group. Mr Sasidhar’s strong organisational  abilities have helped achieve the fastest project execution and commissioning of Krishnapatnam Port  in a record time of 18 months. He is a role model for young engineers having successfully integrated  the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit with professional management based on the foundation of strong  values and integrity. His greatest strength lies in bringing together and building motivated teams of  high-potential high-performing people.  

The group operates through a team of professionals with huge experience in key verticals.

Armed with a futuristic approach, Vishwa Samudra Engineering’s foray into Urban Infrastructure,  EPC, Port Operations, Marine, Logistics, Warehousing, Exports, Information Technology, has marked  the beginning of a new era in innovation and excellence in infrastructure space. 

The company is located in Hyderabad, Telangana


FuelSpec® is a novel technology introduced to the energy consumers. The liquid combustion catalysts  extend the combustion process and enable more consistent and complete combustion of the fuel. The  superior fuel combustion improves fuel economy, and reduces emissions, as it enables lesser consump 

tion of fossil fuels like heavy fuel oil and diesel. The combustion substance brings fuel efficiency with  reduced engine wear. FuelSpec® c 114-05 is a real fuel borne combustion catalyst that improves the  thermodynamic efficiency of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.  

FuelSpec® is a patented technology by Efficient Fuel Solutions (EFS), USA. Vishwa Samudra Group is the  exclusive marketing and sales partner for FuelSpec®. 

EFS manufactures FuelSpec® catalysts in Houston, Texas and sell it to energy intensive consumers  throughout the world. Its sister company, Applied Efficiency Systems, LLC oversees the manufacturing  of dosing systems for FuelSpec® at a facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

FuelSpec® is used as combustion substance in several industries including marine, power generation,  transportation, mining and heavy machinery, railroads, and boilers & turbines.


FuelSpec® combustion catalyst is a liquid chemical which, when added to fuels, improve the combustion  of the fuels.

FuelSpec® has most optimised treatment ratio of 1:4000 units of fuel. The treatment ratio is to be  followed carefully to achieve the desired result. 

FuelSpec® is used as combustion substance for diversified oils which include ultra-low Sulphur diesel,  High Speed Diesel, Light Diesel Oil, Intermediate Fuel oil, Marine Gas Oil, Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, High  Sulphur and Heavy Fuel Oil.  

FuelSpec® is available in barrels for bulk orders or else in packs of 50 litres.  


FuelSpec® offers benefits including fuel savings, emissions reduction, equipment operating and main tenance costs reduction. It is non-hazardous, non-reactive. It can be preserved even after mixing  in the fuel for long periods of time without any degradation. It has no adverse impact on fuel, fuel  storage and fuel processing and fuel handling systems. 

No modifications of any kind are required to any engine, mechanical, electrical, hardware or software  systems.  

FuelSpec® provides the following estimated savings for different types of fuel: • For ultra-low sulphur Diesel containing equal to or less than 15 ppm sulphur (0.0015% sulphur)  used in the US for on-road transportation, customers can expect about 7-8% fuel savings • For high sulphur fuels, including heavy fuel oil containing up to 25,000 ppm sulphur (2.5% sulphur  and fuels with higher sulphur) used for maritime, power generation and home heating needs,  customers can expect 10% or more fuel savings. 

  • Customers using fuels containing intermediate levels of sulphur will see fuel savings in between  8% and 10%.

FuelSpec® causes a direct reduction in the harmful emission of ash, carbon monoxide and NOx. Based  on the properties of the fuel, up to 10% reduction in ash, up to 90% reduction in carbon monoxide, up  to 30% reduction in NOx and almost complete elimination of visible black smoke can be expected. Cus tomers will also see a reduction in emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and other harmful  pollutants resulting from the reduced usage of fuel. 


The efficiency can be assessed based on the volume of diesel fuel or total energy consumed per unit  distance covered. 

EFS has conducted extensive research and testing to develop highly effective FuelSpec® products by  optimizing the chemical constituents, component particle sizes and effective mixing techniques. This  product has been intensely field tested around the globe and in the laboratories by third party  verifications.

Yes, Wartsila Marine Engines, General Electric Energy for liquid fuel fired gas turbines, BPCL for refinery  use, United States Environmental Protection Agency for over the road usage. 

We have identified Afton Chemical (USA), Innospec (USA), Pentol (Germany), Combustion Technologies  (USA), Sun Chemical (USA) offering similar products. But they cannot match FuelSpec® in terms of  savings. 


Cost of FuelSpec® for 1 litre is $75.


FuelSpec® is non-hazardous and non-reactive. It can be shipped via air cargo, has high flashpoints  and extremely low freezing points, a long shelf-life, and can stay in storage, or mixed in fuel, for long  periods of time without any degradation. 

As the product is non-hazardous it can be delivered anywhere without restrictions. The product is  safe to send via air-freight.